About Blog

Why I created the TheMainStreetView
 ♦ Give voice to the concerns we have for our families, our futures and America
 ♦ Provide additional perspectives to readers on issues they may already be familiar with 
 ♦ Have a site were readers can focus on the message. Not crude comments and personal exchanges
 ♦  Too many online ads. This is an ad free, undisturbed atmosphere 
♦  Write about history and the lessons of history. Our culture ignores and distorts history
What to expect

The MainStreetView is a common sense conservative blog
♦ Think of it as people gathering on Main Street, discussing what is on their minds
♦ Posts about politics, historical figures, history of countries, faith, corporations, Wall Street
♦ Issues of faith and family. The Bible is a great book for history, wisdom and a behind the scenes
   peek at the lives of men and women    
♦  The upheaval of today’s world is taking a toll on children.  They too are being broadsided with 
   uncertainty, anxiety and stress. At TheMainStreetView we do not want to forget them
 ♦ Blog posts contain several links. Educational links to inform readers with additional information   

We live in a post Kate Steinle, post Twin Towers and post everything America. Politicians and
the all knowing media, claim to know our concerns and what is best for us. But they are an insulated
and isolated aristocracy, living as protected royalty. Too many pretend to care about “we the people.” They have caused us to seriously doubt if they care about us, and what is in their hearts.  

This is an attempt to get through to them. To get them to care, at least some of them.