About Me


 Hello, I am Mainstreeter and welcome to the TheMainStreetView. My background is in technology. I began in computer science, but switched to economics. I graduated with a Bachelor in Economics and a history minor. It was a very good decision. 

The diverse curriculum has helped me to better understand Wall Street, the economy and politics. Along the way, I studied the many ways man has ruled over man throughout history. Sadly, most of the time, the law of the land has been, “he who holds the gold makes the rules.”

Then America was born and its Constitution.  Created by the founding fathers, the document that sets America apart from all other countries. At times America has been the “city upon a hill.” Others times it has strayed badly from that vision. However with the Constitution as its foundation, America has always returned back to the founding principles. A country “by the people, for the people.”

TheMainstreetView is my small effort to ensure it continues to be a “light” to the world.