Bombastic and Outrageous Before the Age of Trump

Trump’s Bombastic and Outrageous Speech
Only Donald Trump could cause two words, bombastic and outrageous(ness), to become the go to words in the 2016 presidential race. Only Trump could enable these words to become overnight rock stars in daily American political commentary.

Yes, Trump’s presence caused the popularity of these words to soar. But what they represented was firmly embedded in the asininity of politics and public figures, well before Trump entered the race.

June 2015, Donald Trump gave his presidential announcement speech. It was not your typical garden-variety, poll tested campaign speech. It was genuine and laid out the issues he believed faced America. Filled with overlooked details, the speech was built around two bluntly stated premises and a Trump promise:

♦  America no longer has victories. Many countries are ripping it off 
♦  America is led by stupid politicians who are all talk and no action
    He ended his speech with his promise to make America great again.

The speech created an overwhelmingly negative reaction across the country. It was about as politically incorrect as possible. The nation paused briefly to digest what it had heard. Then outrage exploded across America. The words bombastic and outrageous were dusted off. The words became incendiary weapons used to delegitimize Trump’s candidacy.

Is it Game Over Already?
Politically incorrect, is code for preventing open two-sided public discussion of issues. Discussions the left worked hard to keep a lid on. Right on cue the attacks and shaming of Trump started coming from every direction:

♦ Univision backed out of broadcasting the Miss USA contest
♦ Macy’s discontinued carrying the Trump brand in its stores
The PGA Grand Slam event was cancelled at Trump’s LA golf course
♦  NBC severed all its business connections with Trump  

Politicians, talk show hosts and commentators piled on. Seizing on the opportunity, they expressed outrage. A gift such as Trump presented them does not happen often. With all these attacks his candidacy soon appeared over. His opponents believed they had successfully stopped him. No one could be faulted for thinking Trump was finished.

These Voters Helped Revive Trump’s Campaign
No one could deny Trump’s campaign had suffered a big setback. Unrealized by some, his speech had resonated with a group of voters. The forgotten, ignored casualties of the economic and social upheavals crushing America.

These voters had worked within the system. They helped elect politicians who were adamant about understanding their plight. Outwardly they were very convincing. They promised if given the House and Senate, things would get so much better. Back to Washington they went. Promises be damned, the voters were still ignored.

These voters welcomed Trump’s promise to make America great again. Betrayed by the politicians, they now supported the non-politician. Their support was a vital force in reviving Trump’s candidacy.

San Francisco Pier 14
San Francisco’s Pier 14

The Trump Phoenix Rises Quickly and Powerfully 
On July 1, public outrage went viral with the shooting death of Kate Steinle on San Francisco’s Pier 14. Shot by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times. Her death led to a discussion of sanctuary cities. Public outrage rose even higher once the public understood the absurd policy and the dangers it brought.

These homeland issues and overseas threats, seemed to trigger a renewed focus on the serious financial and non-financial threats facing America. These concerns, and a political class perceived as ambivalent to voters worries, caused Trump’s popularity to soar even more.

With Trump’s sudden and sustained support, came great anguish among the Washington establishment and their friends. Without subtleness, it became known Trump must be stopped for the sake of all. Suddenly everything Trump did or said was bombastic and/or outrageous. It was as if these words had just been discovered.

Hurry, Someone Get A  Dictionary
Just to make sure everyone is on the right page, 
Bombastic is ridiculously overblown rhetoric. Outrageousness is speech or actions.

♦ involving gross injury or wrong

♦ grossly offensive to the sense of right or decency
♦ transgressing reasonable bounds, intolerable or shocking
♦ violent in action or temper

The Envelope and Candidates Please
Many individuals are guilty of being bombastic. In the political arena, only someone who can make and/or implement political policy can be guilty of genuine outrageousness. Not someone like Trump who is only a candidate.

It takes little effort to find undeniably bombastic/outrageous words and actions which raised nary an eyebrow of the bombastic/outrageous gatekeepers. Let’s put some names in a hat and pull them out:

picture of Obama saying "I'be got a pen and I've got a phone"
pen and phone, let’s rock n’ roll

  American’s are stupid                 Johnathan Gruber
♦ What difference does it make!    Hillary
♦ Hillary’s lucky brother                 Hillary
♦  You can keep your doctor.           Pres. Obama
♦  Fort Hood Shout Out                   Pres. Obama
♦  I kinda like Hillary.                     Laura Bush
♦ Don’t cross my red line                Pres. Obama
♦ I get how much for talkin?          Bill Clinton
♦ Read my lips, no new taxes         George H W Bush
♦ Gave them room to destroy         Baltimore Mayor
♦ Trumped fired up the crazies       McCain
♦ The Iran deal is a great dea
l         Pres. Obama 
♦ Jail time for climate deniers        Science Guy Bill Nye
♦ kids dying in Chicago?                 Pres. Obama
  Got climate stuff in Paris.
  hit me up when I get back

Was America Returning to a Former Time?
So so much shock and aw and bombast and outrage. Had Trump so shocked the media and genteel political establishment? Was this an unexpected return to Victorian Age sensitivities in public discourse?

C’mon, America blush in the Age of Victoria Secret? It was the faux outrage of the elites. They sensed their gravy train could be in danger.

Let’s hope their train does leave the station!  So our boat can come in!!

6 thoughts on “Bombastic and Outrageous Before the Age of Trump”

    1. You are very right….the shameless greed of the wealthy has done a lot of harm to everyone. It’s such a shame, America has a bounty of so much. Yet the privileged elite, who are supposed to be the best educated, continue to take as much as they can get their hands on.

      So it really shatters the notion that knowledge and education = good moral character.

      an account of just how destructive greed hurt America …..this is a link to an article I wrote for another website in 2012..

  1. Well put, Mainstreeter. Reminds of the story of the Emporer’s new clothes. Trump was the only one
    willing to point out that the emporer really didn’t have any clothes at all! Kind’ve like the backbone of our current President!
    Although I don’t completely lay the blame at the steps of Republican congressman and senators. After all, Harry Reid refused to even bring bills up for a vote. However, it does seem that Congress has been somewhat complicent in admiring the Emporer’s new clothes

    1. You are absolutely right that the Emperor has no clothes. I don’t think he cares if we know that. I think it is a diversion to keep everyone from seeing other things he is doing. For instance, how can the debt now be $15 trillion more since he took office, yet nothing has improved. Military spending is down and the military is suffering because of it. The latest GDP is 1.4 or so. Could it be that some of that debt has actually got wings and has flown out of the country into offshore accounts? The government will not reveal where immigrants have been placed. Have they been placed in Republican districts to water down or even exceed Republican votes? I think the Emperor could be “crazzy like a fox.” Thanks for visiting………..Mainstreeter

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