Donald Trump, the Man Awakening America

Donald Trump Being Hit by Friendly and Enemy Fire
Donald Trump never expected everyone to endorse his candidacy. However at this stage of the 2016 Republican primaries(early April 2016), he has a who’s who  list of foreign  and American detractors. Why are these leaders gripped with such hysteria? Could it be they now understand the meaning of ‘Make America Great Again,’ It means their gravy trains would be over.

Every means possible to stop Trump continues. Nothing is considered unethical or unfair. So let’s take a look at his amazing achievements. Getting acquainted with them before opponents airbrush them out of the picture. While his opponents try to redefine him as some ‘out of his league’ reality show stooge. A bombastic clown, not deserving of representing America on the world stage.

Just thinking: Do some candidates wish their ‘non-accomplishments’ could be airbrushed away?

Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ candidacy begins
A large crowd, a glamour setting and Neil Young’s “Rockin in The Free World” is setting up the moment. It felt like the moments leading up to a heavyweight title bout. Finally, Donald Trump and his wife Melania ride down the Trump Tower escalator.

The Trump 'flagship'
The Trump ‘flagship’

Supporters enthusiastically awaited his announcement speech. The speech should reveal the focus of his candidacy. Then he gave ‘the speech.’ Within hours of his spectacular entrance Trump was thought to be down for the count. Segments of his speech were blunt and politically incorrect. Most notably the part about illegal Mexican immigrants. Forgotten was the ‘Make America Great Again’ part.
The political fireworks he set off would have doomed other candidates. Virtually everyone that matters was soon writing off the ‘reality show’ candidate. Candidates, commentators and a giddy, exuberant Republican establishment.

To their dismay Trump made a comeback. As Americans heard more, many realized he made sense and knew what he was talking about. He also had two intangible traits they liked. Not willing to accept defeat and always trying to find a way to succeed. From childhood to world class developer, those traits had been fused into Trump.

Trump leads revitalization of New York City
The New York City(NYC) of the 1970s barely resembled the NYC of 2016. The city had been in decline for decades. Corrupt and incompetent politicians(public servants). High taxes, declining schools, crime, gangs, and a never ending supply and demand for destructive drugs. Businesses and residents fled the city.  

Their departure led to other serious problems. Plummeting property values, a decline in tax revenues and vacant rundown buildings everywhere. No areas of NYC were spared, not even the upscale residential and business areas.

This was the gritty, declining city Trump moved to in 1971, to begin his development career. The low property values attracted few developers willing to risk their money. But Trump saw opportunity. He knew the city well and had ideas about the areas that would regain value if the city recovered.
He focused on commercial and shopping areas of NYC that had been popular with high end clientele. From the early 70s to the mid-80s, he completed so many major projects; he was considered NYC’s top developer. This 02/07/16 New York Post article is a good read, listing many of Trump’s developments. The article speak’s about the role Trump had in NYC’s revitalization. Today businesses, residents and tourists are back in the revitalized and exciting NYC.    

Donald Trump awakens America
Initially this blog post was to be titled, “Donald Trump, the Man Reawakening America.” But that was not quite accurate. To ‘reawaken’ something implies it was previously awake. Trump has awakened American voters and politicians alike. 

Following is a limited list of  ‘hmmm I did not realize that’…
* career politicians are mostly all talk and no action 
* Establishment’s priorities and voters’ are not the same 
* The dismissive view politicians have of the citizens, is real
* Party leaders usually pick the nominee
*Party leaders will do anything to see their nominee wins

* Politicians think voters are icky
* Politicians don’t think voters are hurting….just angry
* Politicians are isolated and insulated from voters woes
   Donald Trump is awakening America and its politicians

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